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Hope (FIV+ and Positively Adoptable!)'s Web Page

Domestic Long Hair (long coat)  : :  Female  : :  Baby

Won't you think about adopting me?

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About Hope (FIV+ and Positively Adoptable!)

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Cat
  • Rescue ID: C200018
  • General Color: Fawn Tabby
  • Color: Tabby
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Current Age: 11 Months (best estimate)
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly


Hello friends! My name is Hope. I was found as a pint-sized little kitten by a Maryland shelter where the staff recognized my loving nature and knew what a wonderful family I'd make after I received medical attention and some TLC.

I am the most stunning little beauty with silk long fur and fawn colored tabby markings. Wait until you see how lovely I am! I couldn't be happier here at KSC playing with my kitty friends. I love to play!

I can still be a bit shy when you first meet me. As soon as I realize that you intend to love and protect me, I won't be so shy. Right now I am not a fan of being picked up - I'm enjoying myself with all four paws planted firmly on the ground. This doesn't mean that I don't want to be near you or enjoy our time together. It just means that I like my paws in contact with the floor.

It seems that before I had human friends to protect me, I suffered a deep puncture wound from the bite of a cat infected with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and this virus was passed to me. 

FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

It is * not * human HIV.

Humans * cannot * catch FIV.

Dogs * cannot * catch FIV.

KSC has adopted out many FIV+ kitties who are now living happily as cherished family members. 

FIV is spread from cat to cat by means of deep-puncture bite wounds - something that's not hard to imagine in a situation where cats have to struggle to get what they need to survive.

It means that at some point I may, or may not, develop a heightened susceptibility to the ailments that we all face regularly. 

This is the "extra" that I ask of you in order to keep me healthy:

  • Feed me a healthy, high quality high protein/grain free (preferably wet food only, because this is so much healthier than dry food)
  • Keep me indoors and away from combative cats
  • Establish a relationship with a trusted veterinarian (who is enlightened about FIV).
  • Bring me to my vet regularly and any time when you notice that I'm not feeling or acting like myself (this means getting to know me well enough to understand what "acting like myself" means)

That's it. Wait, what? Yes, that's it. You'd do that for any cat you brought into your family, so I know you'll be able to do it for me. 

Please come to meet me. My KSC friends will answer any questions you have about my FIV+ status. Just send an email to and ask for me, Hope!

See you soon!

Beautifully yours,


More about Hope (FIV+ and Positively Adoptable!)

Good with Cats, Good with Older/Considerate Kids Only, Somewhat vocal, Likes to play with toys, Apartment OK, Playful, Eager To Please, Intelligent, Even-tempered, Gentle, Goofy


Currently we do not know if Hope (FIV+ and Positively Adoptable!) will be able to attend the event, Foster Orientation on Saturday, June 6th, 2020.