Animal Success Stories

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Vincent (together w/ best friend Downy)

They are both doing well, Vincent's every six month 'well-baby' checks show all is well-the vet is still not his favorite place! I was finally able to go in with him and ask questions. They are still love sponges and sleep with us most nights. Vincent is more independent, Downey will follow us around more often. They have gotten used to us not being home all the time, although they still meet us at the door when we get home. They both still love to sleep on our laps in the evening when we watch TV and come upstairs for bed when we go. But, I have to call for them from the stairs. Otherwise they stay downstairs and cry for me to come back down. We love them so much! Hope all is well. We are so thankful you brought our boys to us! Happy New Year!


Cookie has spent her first year as a California girl living it up! She bathes in the sun-drenched living room, patrols (the indoors) at night to make sure the fox and raccoon stay properly outdoors and chases birds from her long window seats. She is livin the good life! One more Cali year and we'll be moving back to Virginia. She'd love to visit king street..ok no she won't but she loves you guys anyway!


"Frozen Litter" kittens Sven and Kristoff's parents wrote us: "Just wanted to share a recent pic of Sven and Kristoff, the adorable kitties we adopted in May, lounging around on their first birthday. They're growing into very handsome boys, and enjoy chasing each other around the house at top speed!"


He's doing beyond wonderful; waking me each morning well before my daily alarm, lulling me to sleep at night with his gentle purring on the pillow next to mine, politely refusing diet cat food and holding out for the fancier stuff (he's just like his mother in that respect) and of course, soaking up all the love and attention he can from anyone who will give it to him; he's my furry welcoming committee. As I type this, he's quietly grooming his handsome face beside me and I'm reminded every day how lucky we both were to find each other. This pic was taken after a particularly hellish commute day (the day of the L'Enfant metro incident) after which he swamped me with cuddles and kisses despite his dinner being extremely late. I couldn't ask for a sweeter furry companion.


Catching up with Squeak, a very lucky kitty who was rescued from the streets of Iraq by US personnel at Erbil Cats and transported to us at KSC by SPCA International. After recuperating from her journey, in foster with volunteers Jill and Frank K., she was soon adopted. Her family tells us: "Squeak is doing beautifully. She spent the first weekend a bit hesitant, and basically took over the house thereafter." Compassion knows no borders; thank you so much for opening your heart and home to Squeak.

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